Marty Perrett

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Various enlightening posts can be found on many websites. I'm not so sure there's anything life-changing in here though.

Space Danger!

Join the Space Navy. Life expectancy is debatable but at least the perks are minimal. The crew of HMSS Monstro have been given a mission, a very BIG mission. If they could only get around to it then the galaxy might be a safer place to live. Safer and, quite importantly, still existing.

Jeb Bearstone

‘ello! I’m Jeb. I trip up suits and help pigeons cross the road. I drink beer, eat pies and love my mum. If only I knew where she was. I do podcasting! That’s all right. I do other voice stuff too. I avoid daytime telly by watching it at the pub.

Soldiers of Tangent

99% improvised and 300% GREAT at maths! Soldiers of Tangent features two grown men lying to each other in increasingly farther-fetched ways for the benefit of absolutely nobody. Marty Perrett and Danny Davies take you inside their heads on tiny, rickety bikes, leading you to question many things, not least exactly whose shoes you find yourself wearing.

The Bearcast

Couple of sentient old teddy bears tired of sitting around on shelves bring you their mind blatherings, odd news, music, friends, enemies and plenty of booze.

The Boy in the BoxRoom